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08-13-2013 ACE BOOGIE Under Contruction vol 2 available small

Ace Boogie “Under Construction V2″ Now Available!


Ace Boogie “Under Construction volume 2″ FREE Mixtape/Ep

From a lifestyle which made many in the area consider him a Knoxville Tennessee “Street Legend,” emerges raspy-voiced, bold speaking Christian Hip-Hop Artist “Ace Boogie”. His dealings, which included trafficking narcotics across country, cornering the market on the neighborhood drug trade, multiple flashy cars, and being a rising star in the secular music arena, earned him the respect of the streets, as well as the “Hood-Title” above-mentioned. However, there came a time where Ace felt as if he could no longer run from God and/or the calling on his life. “I just simply threw in the towel.” “I surrendered to the call” Ace said as he told his story to his new label mates. This fired up rapper gave his life to Christ two years ago, and has since been pursuing his purpose of winning souls to the kingdom. The transition is hard sometimes, but with his heart and mind set on God, he is truly UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Christianity is a lifestyle, and the more we pursue a relationship with Christ, the weaker our desires of the flesh become. Therefore, our Christian walk is a lifestyle that’s daily Under Construction.
Get Ace Boogie’s first official release with 3MG for free on Aug 13th 2013 at



  1. Yung Disciple - August 13, 2013 8:21 pm

    Wow G.O.D is da beast, hes up their fist pumpin :D

  2. ronald bush - October 22, 2013 12:18 am



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